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Questions, Comments, Concerns

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please post them in a comment below and I'll get to you as soon as possible.


Banners and Affiliates

As you can see we have neither banners nor affiliates. I'd like this to change.

So pimp our cause and feel free to make banners.


Schedule for Exchange


Okay People, this is important. Please make sure you keep track of this schedule.

Sign ups end Nov 5th

Assignments given by Nov 7th

Last day for trading prompts Nov 12th

Check in December 5th-10th

Works submitted by Dec 30th

Works posted Jan 1st-3rd

Beta Sign ups/Recommendations

Do you want to be a Beta?

Well if you do please fill out the form below and let me know. You'll know when I've processed you because I'll post you in the recommendation area right below all this.

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I want to be a pitch-hitter.

You want to be a pitch hitter?

Awesome! For those of you who don't know, a pitch hitter is someone who comes along and fills a prompt that's been abandoned for some reason. You'll be the lovely people who make sure that everyone gets a gift no matter what.

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Exchange Information and FAQ

Gleevengers Exchange

This is a gift exchange forum where fans of Gleevengers can trade fiction and art based around the idea. Below you can read through the rules figure out just how everything works. But what's important is that this is a place to get a gift based around mixing Glee and Marvel. If you join up you'll receive a gift and give one as well.

Gleevengers is the idea that someone in Glee is related to and/or involved with someone in Marvel's Avengers. Usually this person is Blaine, who has come to be known in the verse as Blaine Anderson-Stark. Up and coming is the idea that Kurt is Loki's son after an incident where Loki came to Earth to pose as a woman.

Don't like Kurt as Loki Jr.? Do you peg Blaine's living in Lima to be from a messy break up rather than a drunken hook up? Do you think Sam should be Steve Rogers' test tube baby built as a last ditch attempt to recreate the Operation: Rebirth project? No problem! Gleevengers isn't set in stone. It's whatever you want to make it.

Interested? Sign up here.


Is this anonymous or not?

At first, yes. All fills will be made anonymously to keep the gifts a surprise. But afterwords it's up to you. If you wish to remain anonymous during the entire progress simply note that in your submission form so that I can mark it down. I have to know who you are so I can keep track.

Your filler will also have to know. Again, this is just so I can keep track. But everyone will be sworn to secrecy if you want it so no worries.

When I post the works to the community I will reveal everyone on the post date that's okay with being revealed. But your wishes will be respected if you ask to remain anonymous throughout everything.

Where is everything being posted?

Well I'm posting all works on this LJ community. However you are free to sign up for this as a Tumblr user. As of now I don't think I can handle maintaining both. So if someone wants to set up a Gleevengers Exchange Tumblr that would help and expand our posting capabilities.

What are the rules for prompts in a Gleevengers exchange?

As far as prompting goes, it's pretty straight forward. All of the prompts have to involve someone in the Glee series or someone in the Avengers series interacting in some way, or living in a world that openly acknowledges that the worlds are combined.

You don't have to make it so that any of the characters are actually related. What started the idea was that Blaine was related to Tony Stark, but you don't necessarily have to abide by that. Although, why you would cut that out is beyond me. Jk, I kid.

Prompts can be for any rating, but please indicate clearly what you're looking for. There will also be a section where you can list your dislikes favorite kinks/genres/pairings/etc., so don't worry about anyone crossing a line.

You should also, to the best of your ability, mark triggers as a courtesy to others. The prompts will be submitted to me personally but I will be assigning them. If I don't see a trigger warning I might pass it over and assign it to someone who can't handle it.

What are the rules on art?

The art can be a sketch, comic, manip, or gif. If you want to do a video that's okay, but only do that if the prompter has suggested it. You can be as graphic as the prompter has stated they're okay with. But remember that the highest rating they suggest is just that, a suggestion. It's okay to go under on a rating but never over.

I'm interested, how do I sign up?

Above this massive wall of text is a link. I'm sure eventually it'll even end up in this section. That link will lead you to a form that you fill out, hosted by Google docs. Just follow the instructions on the form. It's all pretty straight forward.

Don't have a gmail account? No worries, google docs is available to everyone and you don't need a google account to access the form.

The link is here.

What if I want to just watch and not participate?

No problem. If you just want to see the art and read the stories all you have to do is check the dates listed to see when everything gets posted. You'll have to wait longer to get in on the action but you don't have to participate to enjoy.

How does the exchange work?

First, Sign up's end November 5th.

On the date listed on our schedule, you'll receive an assignment. This will be a set of prompts for you to look over, written by one of the other members. If you feel uncomfortable with the prompts you've received, or if you just don't have the muse to do it in particular, you'll have a chance for reassignment. But I urge you to think it over and really try your best. Remember that you only need to fill one of the three prompts.

Over the next few months you'll work your hardest to fill the prompt(s) given to you. Remember that this is a GIFT to someone else, so please be generous. Work your hardest because we all know you want a good gift in return.

Please don't reveal who you've been given. News spreads fast on the internet, particularly on Tumblr so keep a lid on it guys. If you need to consult someone try to keep it close to the vest and quiet. If you can manage only share with your Beta.

After January 3rd you are free to take your fic and post it in other places. But first I have to post it up in our community. And keep in mind that not everyone will want themselves to be revealed, so be polite and don't badger anons.

What is the schedule?

Sign ups end November 5th
Assignments Given by November 7th
Last day to trade prompts November 12th
Check in Week December 5-10th
Works Submitted by December 30th
Works Posted January 1st-3rd

I want to post my fic/art somewhere else, is that okay?

Before the reveal? NO! Do not post anything early anywhere. If you want to post it somewhere else afterwords then fine. But lets not spoil the surprise.

How many prompts do I have to fill?

You only have to fill one of the prompts given to you. But you won't be punished for going above and beyond. If you want to fill more than one or combine two of the prompts, go ahead.

How do I contact you?

Just send me an e-mail at gleevengersmod@gmail.com, with any questions you might have. But please check the FAQ first.

How soon can I submit my work?

As soon as you finish it. I can do early. What I can't do is late.

Check in's, why, when, how?

You check in so I can see your progress. I want to know how you're doing so I can keep the community on track. The check in will happen between December 5th and December 10th. All you have to do is send me an e-mail with your name, your prompters name, word count and/or outline progress. Art can be tricky, just send me a screencap if it's easier than a description.

Please don't miss the check in. You'll have a full week people. There really is no excuse to miss it. If you do miss it I'll have to send your assignment to a pitch-hitter. If you're worried you'll miss it just send a check in a little early.

Do I have to have a Beta?

Yes, yes you do. I don't like having beta's for my own personal work but this is a gift you guys. We have to put our best foot forward. Think of the beta process as gift wrapping. A present is great, always. But isn't it more fun and exciting when it's wrapped in festive paper?

I'll have a Beta post set up later so that you guys can find a beta. But you don't need a beta listed there. Any beta will be fine.

Oh no! I have to drop out, what do I do?

E-mail me! E-mail, e-mail, e-mail! I can not stress this enough. If you feel like you have to drop out let me know. If you feel it coming send me a heads up letting me know that you may have to quit. Then if you really do have to drop out make it very clear in your e-mail.

Please don't just let it slid. This is a gift exchange and there's nothing sadder than waking up on the special day and seeing that you've been left out.

Submission Requirements

Header--Please use a header. It helps us all out. Could you imagine if I had to read all your submissions so that I could fill them out myself?

(Please remove the spaces for the formatting.)

[b]Title:< /b>

< b>Recipient:< /b>

< b>Author/Artist:< /b>

< b>Rating:< /b>

[b]Warnings:< /b> (If applicable. Warnings include triggers, extreme kinks, squicks, and anything you may think is considered warnable. )

< b>Word Count:< /b> (Artists: N/A)

< b>Image size:< /b> (Writers: N/A)

< b>Summary:< /b>

< b>Notes:< /b>

< lj-cut text="">

Please note that if you are submitting to a person who wishes to remain anonymous, just put anonymous in the recipient section. Also, if you wish to remain anon as a filler, please put that in the author/artist section.


Please submit all text works in .rtf or .txt.
Please submit all art as a .gif or .jpeg. If that's impossible for some reason e-mail me and let me know. We'll work it out.

Please use one space between each paragraph on text works, and please include all HTML.

Sending work in e-mail--

Please use this format for sending these e-mails so I can tell them apart from questions/concerns.

[LJ or Tumblr name] for [LJ or Tumblr name]